Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Get “Related” To Staten Island’s Nino Saintz and Solo SB

Staten Island is shaking up the streets of New York! The hottest and latest East Coast rhymers are none other than Nino Saintz and Solo SB with their latest release, “Related”. 

Rising musical artist, Nino Saintz comes as a triple threat. Not only is he a visionary when it comes to the music but, behind the lens as a videographer. All while still maintaining his hustle as a musical artist and songwriter. Multitalented, emerging MC, Solo continues to build his empire by sustaining his reputation in the industry and releasing back to back bangers since the release of his 5-track EP, ‘Never Looking Back’.

Better known as the main n*gga on and off set, Nino doesn’t play games when it comes to the bag, the streets, and the ladies. With his catchy flow, Nino rides the enhanced instrumental effortlessly. Coming with the follow up, Solo keeps up the momentum and hype by carrying on the significance of the record with his hard hitting, relatable bars.This hot new single is definitely radio ready and is responsive to the masses.

LT takes fans on a trip as the visual bounces coast to coast from the streets of Los Angeles and New York. Nino and Solo flex in their lavish cars rapping about where they come from, where they’re at now, & where they’re going- straight to the top of the industry! Their hustla mentalities paired with the understanding of life fuel their success enabling them to live their well deserved lives of luxury showcased throughout the music video. Hoping in and out of Rolls Royces, Range Rovers, Audis and more, they live the life they spit about. Just like the words in their raps, the video gives a perspective that we all can relate to. 

The fans couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the LT-directed video HERE.

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Solo SB | Instagram | Apple Music | Spotify | Google Play


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