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Connecting Through Music: A Chat with Arden B

One of our greatest pleasures doing what we do is being able to reach out and chat with so many talented artists. People creating innovative, exciting things in the music world (and not only).

As part of this interview initiative of ours, we recently sat down with Pennsylvania native, Arden B. He is a rapper, a hip-hop artist, a recording master, and overall entrepreneur, whose second EP, “Fully Invested”, is set to release later this year. And it was a delight talking to him.

We talked about how today, artists have opportunities like never before, how there is a lot more space for them to do whatever it is they do, and connect with people from all over the world through music, which is what it’s all about.

“My favorite part about the industry is being able to connect with others who have the same mindset as me. Ones that are really trying to do the most and give their all. I also love that everybody is unique in their own ways.”

While this has become the truth of our generation, it’s all too easy to overlook it and not appreciate that, so it’s great talking to someone who understands the sheer immensity of being able to connect with someone through sound. To reach like-minded people through the beauty of music.

Naturally, we wanted to know what Arden B has to say about his own music style, what he would say to someone who had never heard him before. And his answer did not disappoint.

“Fresh. Unique. Raw. I think my flow is something different, which stands out the most. Especially for a white kid. Something you can vibe with consistently. The rap is unique in itself. I’ve always wanted to be better at singing, which is something I am very focused on practicing at the moment, but the rapping just comes naturally to me. The flow is what I like the most.”

But it was not all sunshine and rainbows. Arden B did admit there were some problems in the music industry, still. That the sound itself tends to be stagnate, which puts a damper on an artist’s creativity. At the same time, he sees it as an opportunity because as a creator, it is up to him to change that, and shake the sound of the industry up.

And having heard Arden B’s music, we can see he already is doing just that.

“I plan on bringing good vibes to the music community. I want to be easy to work with and motivate others to bring out their full potential. Locally, I want to invest in businesses, host community events and do what’s right for the hometown. It’s always good to help others, and that’s what I plan on doing.”

To Arden B, the music industry is ultimately about forging a long-lasting bond, and a true connection with the audience. While there is hardship and challenges along the way, no doubt, there is also great promise.

Arden B strikes us as an optimistic artist, in the sense that he always chooses to see the fuller side of the glass. One of the few voices today who truly focuses on connection through music.

Make sure you stay up to day with Arden B as he is set to release his latest project later this summer and follow him on Instagram @officialardenb

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