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In Conversation with Salem Nasser: On Diligence, Faith and Good Mentors

Salem Nasser is a Qatari businessman, whose chief occupation is running one of the most successful business groups in the country (and subsequently, in the world). Nasser’s group, established in 2008, counts two of the most notable trade companies in Qatar: SBN General Trading Company and Diyar Al-Ezz Company for New Cars Trading.

He is a distinguished figure in entrepreneurship and can serve as a lesson both in perseverance and humility. For short, his mettle shows extreme ambition and places Nasser among a golden league of businessmen.

Nasser is a passionate businessman with a focus on hard work and accomplishing goals. One of his main focuses in business is constantly meeting new people who share in his excitement and dedication. In his own words, he loves surrounding himself with devoted, ambitious people as this allows him to drive forward, too.

“I always try to find people who are passionate, enthusiastic about development, success and achievement. Thank God I have an ambitious and innovative team that always works to develop the company’s business,” says Nasser, when we ask him how he goes about finding these people.

What immediately strikes you as impressive when you sit down to talk to Salem Nasser is how humble he is, which is not exactly a trait you are used to seeing in successful people. In spite of his tremendous successes, Nasser does not take all credit or gloss over other people’s contributions. In fact, he names one of his biggest influences as being none other than his father.

“My example, my father, may God prolong his life, who supported me in my beginnings, and I still draw from him and his experience in all fields.”

However, while he is quick to acknowledge the merits of those around him, Salem Nasser is also conscious that external support can only take you so far. By his own admission, you need to be your own harshest critic and your own driving force, if you are ever to accomplish anything in this life.

When we asked him how he overcame his challenges, both on a business level as well as a personal one, he was quick to answer:

“With the success of the Lord of the Worlds, successful planning and perseverance.”

Nasser is an example both in diligence and in faith. Interestingly enough, he is not one of those people who rely on others to drive the forth. And while he gives all credit to his faith in God, he does not seem to expect a divine hand to push him forward. On the contrary, Salem Nasser is more than willing to do the work and get his hands dirty, as the saying goes.

Beyond being a great example for businessmen in all fields of work, he is also a role model as a human being. A role model believer, who understands the fragile balance between divine intervention and carrying your load. A role model employer who values the people around him and their input. And a model citizen, as he takes any chance, he gets to applaud Qatari leadership.

“The State of Qatar has an attractive and developed business environment, thanks to our wise leadership, which has spared no effort to overcome the difficulties facing merchants, in order to develop these businesses and trade in the state and from outside.”




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