Thursday, December 7, 2023
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HellCat PRiiME Taps Kool Grey For Brand New “Charles Rolls, Henry Royce”

TUBLife Studios and TUBLife Visuals owner and rostered artist, Hellcat Priime, is the prime example of “overnight success”. With an undeniable drive and such strong entrepreneurial characteristics, it’d be easy for one to feel as though. Not only is Priime an artist, but he’s a businessman, funneling his talents and resources into his own empire used to take him to the top!

With a hot new single titled,  “Charles Rolls, Henry Royce” featuring Kool Grey, the Jersey rhymer continues to show and prove that Jersey is and forever will be on the map.

This track is a template for what a vibe feels like. Melodic and hypnotic, this track stays in your head and makes you want to put it on replay. The flow of the record switches up, from calculated to sped up, to a sing song cadence. The flow style changes just enough to have something for everyone. The use of autotune is just enough to catch your attention without being too repetitive. This is a track that’ll heat the summer up.

Produced by The Beat Plug, the hot new banger “Charles Rolls, Henry Royce” is now accompanied by an official music video! Just like it’s audio, throughout the visual the background switches up its color. Posted up in and around a fire looking Rolls Royce, there are glimpses of PRiiME, Kool Grey, and pretty women to accompany them. Simple yet, appealing to the viewer’s eye.

The eye-catching visual is not only aesthetically pleasing, but matches the significance of the track and it’s lyrics. Keeping the money and everything in house for the most part, it was only right for the brand new record to come as a musical product from TUBLife Studios. See what all the hype is about and take a look at the brand new video below.

If you haven’t come across this emerging artist and their hot new single, use this opportunity now for (PUBLICATION) to put you on!

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