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Philly Blocks Talks “CEO” Mentality With New Release

Philly Blocks, the crowned Prince of the Ville isn’t letting up in 2020. Without allowing the new norm stop his grind and hustle, the Louisville rhymer has his foot on the industry’s neck.Staying consistent by continuously dropping music back to back, Philly blesses fans with a new motivational hit titled, “CEO”.

The latest track comes as a follow up to his hottest hits so far like, “Days Of Our Lives” where he spits about the hood life before taking his fans down memory lane with his Mexiko Dro– produced single, “Average”. With his brand new banger, “CEO”, Philly Blocks brings another set of bars filled with self-assurance that not only is he a lyrical chief and run the streets as the 502 street boss, but he’s the one and only boss of “Team 563”.

Philly Photo

Without any explanation needed, the title of the song holds weight in itself. When you think “CEO” you think of a boss,someone who’s a go getta, a person in charge, but Philly lets fans know that it’s more than that. In fact, it’s also about having and developing a boss mentality by taking life by its reins and handling business. “CEO” provides insight to being a boss through Philly’s simple yet strong vocal performance and high end production.

With such a well crafted single, it’s only right to accompany it with a visual just as great. The visually stimulating music video showcases his assertive attitude and confident delivery both laid over the track and within the video. To channel your inner boss, press play on Philly Block’s new “CEO” visual off the highly anticipated ‘ Mr. 17th’ project on the way.

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