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Wavyy Mob Is The Next Wave of Floridian Hip-Hop

Since making a name for themselves in 2017, Florida music group Wavyy Mob has been on a mission to make the rest of the world aware of their name. The group is made up of 2 artists, Red & Tommo, who showcase broad versatility as a singer/rap group putting on for The Sunshine State.

The group recently let go of a new project titled “Drip World”. Upon its release, Wavyy Mob sat down with us for a bit of dialogue. Tune in below for the conversation and be sure to stream their new project “Drip World” here:

Where did the name Wavyy Mob come from?
Ok, so the name Wavyy Mob originated from Tommo as we were sitting around making music for fun freestyling together and he had said the name. We thought it was a dope name so we decided to name ourselves “Wavyy Mob.”

How many people consist of Wavyy Mob?

The group consists of two people. Tommo & Rek

How would you describe your music with 3 words?

Wavyy, Fun, Original

You dropped your new project “Drip World” at the top of the month, how long did it take to create that project?

Drip World took me two week to create that project. I’m really fast with making music especially on a good day I can knock out like 5 or 6 songs. Music is all about the feeling. So if I’m in a really good mood that day I’ll put the work in.

What is the overall message you look to display in your music?

Live it up

Keep up with Wavyy Mob via social media at @wavyymob.



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