Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Meet Charlotte, NC Rising Act, Avatar Frost

Avatar Frost recently let go of his lead single, “Mimosa”. The track has garnered a bio of attention building up to his forthcoming album release. Prior to the album dropping off, Avatar got up with the Hip Hop Dose crew for an exchange. Tune in below for the interview piece:


What was the creation process of Mimosa?

The instrumental itself pushed me to create a different kind of flow which really just ended up coming together quite beautifully to be honest. An organic mental creation pretty much the best description.

Biggest music aspirations?

Long story short, my biggest aspiration is to conduct an orchestra at the Sidney Opera House of my own composition.

What was it like growing up where you are from?

I mean, growing up is the same for everyone honestly no matter your location. Sure, me and my mom had no money. And yes, I definitely remember nights sleeping in the living room with the oven open because we had no heat. But I’m not a charity case and my success will never be based off my struggles from my past. Live and keep living, never stop the fight.

You’ve been picking up some buzz behind your music, how does it feel to be recognized for the work and art you put out/in?

Being honest, it just makes me want to push much harder to get my music in the ears of more people. Its more of a motivator than anything.

What differentiates you from every other rapper out here?

Kind of a loaded question but it won’t take you long to realize I’m much different than this new generation of auto-tune, surface flow, commercial “rapper” (and I put the word “rapper” in air quotes because to me it’s not really rap but that’s a different conversation) that get forced in our ear. Rap in itself is an art form, lyricism is not dead. It may not be the commercial market but the legends in this game are still and will always be lyricist.

Now is obviously the time to put out new music with everyone couped up in their house. Any new music on the way from Avatar Frost?

Sure. But at the same time I have a complete catalog full of music that 98% of the world hasn’t heard so to them it’s all new music coming from me.

Keep up with Avatar Frost and the latest by following him on social media at @FrostyTheAvatar.


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