Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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New Music: Raissa “Angel Energy” w/ Self-Made Video

“Raissa is a solitary creative universe.”—Clash

Multidisciplinary London-based artist Raissa shares a new track, the self-written and -produced “ANGEL ENERGY,” today. The accompanying music video—which she directed and edited—also debuts today. Watch here.

“Two people made me feel small and question my worth/abilities/sense for the better part of two years and it really ate away at me. I eventually got the courage to distance myself from them and wrote ‘ANGEL ENERGY’ when I realized that the whole reason they treated me so badly was because of their own shit, and not anything I could change,” Raissa says. “The song is about coming to terms with that and moving on. It’s bittersweet but empowering, getting through the pain of letting people hurt you for so long. I had also been listening to a lot of Eurythmics, and the feeling Annie Lennox describes in “There Must Be An Angel’ was something I felt I needed and wanted in my life, which I reference in ‘ANGEL ENERGY.’”

“ANGEL ENERGY” follows her debut self-written and -produced singles “BULLYING BOYS” and “VALENTINE,” which arrived alongside self-made music videos.

Born in Spain to a Spanish mother and a French father, Raissa grew up between Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Sydney and is fluent in French, Spanish and English. Now based in London, Raissa attributes her inspiration to start writing songs at the age of 11 to Leonard Cohen. With much more music arriving imminently, Raissa finds inspiration in dialogue and narration from movies and cartoons in addition to everyday conversations between people.


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