Monday, May 29, 2023
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Watch TestaRo55a Hustle His Music In “Go Get It”

North Atlanta’s own, TestaRo55a recounts a life that has known nothing but violence delivered with a cadence that feels likes it comes from a hardened soul and a desire to meet certain goals.

Let’s go get it, joog asked me for a 8ball I sold him 4 fifty’s/I’m in the hood I know I’m good I keep that 40 with me/I’m toting heat and smoking weed until the police get me/I’m off the leash man what u need damn right I brought it with me

Filmed in Tarpon Springs,Fl, TestaRo55a can be seen selling product (music) in the streets the only way he knows how. Watch his new video for “Go Get It” directed by Bryan Claburn below.


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