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Dashana Is “Out Here” Making A Name For Herself With New Single

Brooklyn’s singing and songwriting princess Dashana, is strutting her way through R&B with her pleasing vocals and strong pen game. Her continuously rising success showcases what talent, hard work and dedication can do for a young aspiring creative wanting to be a star.. Dashana comes from a loving home raised by a Harlem born mother and Jamaican father. Since a little girl, she loved any and everything creative from typing up songs on the computer, singing, and dancing a variety of genres to playing the violin and acting out scenes with her friends on the phone. 


Dashana later moved from the Bronx to New Jersey. While growing up in Nutley, NJ she struggled with a number of different issues, forcing her to put her passion of music and dance to the back burner. Wanting and feeling that she could start over -her way, Dashana relocated to Union, NJ at the end of 2017. Starting over is never easy but she fought through her trials and tribulations to continue thriving towards her dream. With self-love and self-care, she took initiative and built her own studio.


In 2019, the multifaceted songstress released her debut single “Out Here” which was a very honest record, basically saying f*ck your job and to always remember to put yourself first. This summer time vibe track was written by Dashana, produced by J Roes, and mixed by PsychTheEngineer.


Following the release of her first single, Dashana received an abundance of positive feedback regarding the record. The track did so well that it even fell on fresh ears, garnering her new fans like Majorstage and SloppyViny to add to her already expanding fan base. Since, in December of 2019 she collaborated with Majorstage and landed a performance at SOB’s performing tracks “Out Here”, two unreleased tracks, as well as her upcoming single, “Life” at SOB’s.The forthcoming record, “Life” written by Dashana, produced by UrbanNerdBeats, and mixed by HeyIndo and Jack of SloppyVinyl, is set to release on February 15th, 2020.


As we wait for the arrival of her upcoming single, turn up her latest hit “Out Here” and let us know what you think.





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