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Dancehall Artist “Kamrun” Talks To HHD About His Friendship With Sean Paul, Different Cultures And More


Born in Clearwater, Fl, Kamrun spent most of his free time on the Southside of Kingston Jamaica involved in the Rastafarian community “Lifeyard”. Kamrun was renamed “Aura Don” by one of the leaders of the community named “Sabukie Allen.” Being named “Aura Don”, translating to, “The Ruler of Energy ”, or “Boss of Vibes”, truly opened his eyes to the positive impact he and his music would soon have on people around the world. Kamrun took some time out of his day to talk to HHD about his music inspirations, friendship with Sean Paul and more.


Where did you get the name Kamrun from?

So my name is Camron with a ‘C’ and if you listen to the way I speak it you will hear in Caribbean it’s pronounced ‘Kam Run and that name just stuck with me since I was a kid. Growing up most people thought it was spelled with a ‘K’ so kinda by mistake it happened.

What are some influences music wise did the Caribbean have on your music?

For starters I’m from St Lucia and I’ve been working in Kingston, Jamaica for the past like 4 years. There’s also Sean Paul who’s a friend of mine was a big influence out the gate. Hip Hop as well such as TI, Jeezy and 50 Cent because of growing up in Clearwater, FL and traveling back to the Caribbean I always had a wide variety of exposure to different cultures.

So from my understanding your grandfather is a Calypso artist. For those that aren’t familiar with Calypso can you tell us more about what that is?

Calypso is a genre that started in Trinidad and is a blend of Venezuelan and West Indian style of music and has a lot of story telling connected to our roots.


Speaking of connections, how did you connect with Sean Paul and develop a friendship?

So I ran into Sean Paul at the Balmain store in Toronto not too long ago, it was very organic, there was really good energy and we had a easy going conversation. I already had a producer in Jamaica pitching a record to him through the label for a potential feature and here I am having a conversation with him after he just heard about me.

What was the name of that song?

That was Motion and it was a inspiration from Drake’s “Controlla” and what hurt me was there was a version that leaked that had Popcaan and that sound that blended together did so much for me. I had to find a way to get that vibrancy and frequency translated properly as one artist on a record


So to wrap up this interview, what should we expect in 2020?

2020 we have several different label offers on the table right now and we have something going on with Warner Bros right now. I have “Motion” that we’re pushing right now and I have another new single we’ll be dropping after it’s some different level stuff. 

The R&B crossover dancehall artist, “Kamrun’s new single “Motion” is currently available on all platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more.


Courtesy: Avery “MsArtistry” Watson CEO/Founder of PR Firm Multi Artistry Ent

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