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Florida’s Own KiDD Eazzyy Talks To HipHopDose About His Creative Process And More

Hip Hop Dose spoke to a talented young artist from Florida that goes by the name of KiDD Eazzyy. In his interview he talks to Hip Hop Dose about his creative process, who he works with, performances and more.

1. What was the creative process like for creating “Like Me”

Honestly, the creative process for making Like Me was different. My engineer AMG told me to pull up to the studio because he was there just sippin’ and working on other mixes.

I had just got a pack of beats from some producers earlier that day but 2 of them really stood out, one of them being the track for “Like Me.” I pour up a cup of Henny and I tell AMG to put on the Like Me joint. After a few times of having him run it back, I hop in the yo, and run it. The vibe & creativity we had on the record was different because I didn’t want it to be extra, I just wanted it to be simple, but have this real Southern, country, soulful-inspiration to it.

I had an idea of basically showing that you always gotta keep ya hustle up to keep ya bread up, so you can always be 1 up.

2. Who produced and engineered the song?

“Like Me” was produced by a producer named YZ, the record was engineered by my boy, long time brother of course Tonio(AMG).

3. Whats your favorite line from the track?

My favorite line from this record is “
Only roll sittin’ high

Altitude buss the vessels

Keep it movin’ don’t settle

Shawty move it like jello

I’m playin’ chess wit the devil

Keep 1 up on my levels

Energy be movin’

2020 lines on the lines I’m goin’ in

Im sittin’ calm I’m prolific

If I ain’t got it I get it”

4. What was your favorite show to perform at?

My favorite show I’ve ever opened for will have to be to-date, Bas, with Dreamville in Tampa. But in all honesty every show is such an experience & they only get better & the fans grow with me. Bas wasn’t just a show, I’ve known Dreamville for almost 3 years because I’m partnered with Wrld Ent and we book the concerts & what not, so it was kind of a spur of the moment when my boy Dwayne called me a day or 2 before & asked me if I could jump on the show so it was love from the beginning.

Ced & I linked & their videographer and my boy Jaymin(JustJaymin on YouTube) and we all went & grabbed some food before the show, handled some other business and then went and showed out at the show so it was for sure by far the best show yet.

KiDD Eazzyy also opened up for Big KRIT, Madentyo, Troy Ave and more. Every song Eazzyy makes is constructed differently and you can see for yourself in his music video for “Like Me” below.


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