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Review: M.T.F.R – Wake Up Do Better

Being one of the top media sites within the culture we always have the opportunity to witness greatness before the rest of the world does.  We keep our ear to the street and are always looking for the next dope artists before they blow.  Well today is no different. We introduce you to M.T.F.R. which is an acronym for Matt The Fucking Rapper.

We had the opportunity to hear his latest musical offering prior to the release and this is one of the most cohesive projects we have heard in awhile.  His new album is entitled “Wake Up Do Better” which is something we are all to familiar with.  Each day we all wake up to strive and not only be better, but do better.

When we listen to this album we get such an eclectic feel with great lyrics, true hip hop production and a great blend of riding music. The project starts off with a track called “Wake Up Dysfunctional” as soon as this record comes on it provides you with straight aggression and gives you a vibe that is preparation for a fight.  After the first hook M.T.F.R. gives you a smooth confident flow, but the start of this record is perfect because it definitely wakes you up.


If we would have to pick our favorite three records we would have to go with “Wake Up Consistent” which has great flow, metaphors, punchlines and all the things we love to hear from a true rapper and lyricist.  The next record would have to be “Wake Up The Guise”.  This record has not only great lyrics and flows, but we feel this record has the most single potential out of all of the records on the album.  Lastly, would be “Wake Up No Tomorrow” this whole record is a vibe.  It gives a great mixture of east coast hip hop with a west coast vibe sonically.

We had the opportunity to sit and talk with M.T.F.R. about his recording process, some of his influences, top artists and also his favorite places to eat in South Florida.  Stay tuned for our official sit down which will be released on Monday, June 17, 2019.


Below is the tracklisting for his latest album WAKE UP DO BETTER


  1. Wake Up Dysfunktional
  2. Wake Up Cool Guy
  3. Wake Up Say Less
  4. Wake Up Consistent
  5. Wake Up The Guise
  6. Wake Up Like A Champion
  7. Wake Up Ten Four feat. Tommi Waring
  8. Wake Up Fu*k Face
  9. Wake Up No Tomorrow

Also be sure to check him out on tour with Sadistik


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