Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Philly Blocks Brings New Visual Installment Affectionately Titled “Days Of Our Lives”

From the stomping grounds of Louisville, Kentucky Team 563’s Kapo Philly Blocks is putting the city on the map. Continuing his hot streak of bangers, the Team 563 Boss is back at it again with his latest release, “Days Of Our Lives” and showing the music scene that he’s here to stay!

Philly is bringing fans nothing but the heat just in time for the summer, lined up with metaphors and back to back bars accompanied by a visual installment about the struggle of the hood life living in Louisville.

Making collaborations with fellow Team 563 artists like Cino Fresh and Real Deal Lock, it’s clear Philly Blocks and his entire team are coming into the music game strong and ready put Louisville on the map. He’s either making moves with his daily grind or grinding out classics in the studio, giving fans what they came far and showing that he’s here to stay.

The music video was shot by visual powerhouse, “Courtesy Of Creme,” giving fans Blocks’ high energy, unique style, and flow. Let Philly Blocks give you a little insight of the ups and downs he experienced and show you what his life was like growing up in the hood of Kentucky through this masterpiece below.

Let us know what you think of Philly Blocks’ “ Days Of Our Lives”

Watch “Days Of Our Lives”


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