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Meet DJKB, New Jersey’s Newest Celeb DJ

Kearny, New Jersey is not home to many notable names, but the city’s own Kevin Benjamin aka DJKB is doing all he can to put the small town on the map. His work as a tour DJ has been paying dividends as he defies all the odds and rises the disc jockey totem pole daily. When you look at his Instagram story, you feel like you are watching a well put together movie. Each weekend it seems like a scene out of Jonah Hill’s Project X.

If you were directing a film, you could not script his life any better. He found a way to leave his parent’s home at 14 and work his way up to becoming a star. He spent a couple of his early years working with a company named “Alisteens” where he scored some smaller gigs locally. He has now transformed into a touring sensation.

He has utilized social media to his advantage and grew a solid fan base across the nation. He has turned up on stage with many of your favorite artists. Blueface, Lil Durk, Supreme Patty, and more have provided him with a heavy co-sign due to his work with “Concert Crave.” He is slated to perform at many shows this year and even big festivals like Rolling Loud in Miami.

Follow him on IG @DJKBmusic and tune in to the DJKB show!


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