Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Hakeem Drops New Single ‘Numb’

The DMV is known for breeding lyrically energized rappers, and emerging artist Hakeem has released a brand new high-spirited visual for his latest single “Numb” just in time for every stoners favorite holiday, 4/20.  The VA born and raised artist who is used to being the underdog is stepping out to the masses with his new single “Numb” and utilizing his creativity to paint a vivid picture through the recent visual.

Hakeem’s new banger is a stoners anthem as you can listen while you break it down, roll it and become numb to all the worries of the world. The comical visual showcases Hakeem experiencing an unfathomable day before being arrested but in order to escape, he ends up connecting with the police officer. The visual provides comic relief but when juxtaposed to the serious nature of Hakeem’s lyrics, the collaboration makes for a perfect balance to elaborate on a bigger issue. With musical and political influences by leaders like J.Cole, Wale and Malcolm X, it’s clear as to why the emerging rapper is so well at telling stories about the realities of America through his music and craft.

Throughout the song he expresses his difference of opinion for the current political climate and his role in it. Hakeem highlights the personal nature of the perspective of which he tells his story with verses like:

“… Went to court with PD, nigga wasn’t defending ya so now you gotta plea or jury gonna finish ya.”

There’s a number of these politically-charged verses and each followed with a light-hearted hook in which Hakeem repeatedly expresses his desire to “go numb,” relieved with the pain of his everyday reality. “Numb” is not only a 4/20 song that you can roll up and smoke one to, but an everyday vibe – that’s a fact. Whether you choose to vibe out and enjoy the melody or listen to the lyrics and think about reality, the choice is entirely up to you. Either way you won’t be disappointed and you’ll see the multiple significances of “Numb” that Hakeem possesses in his latest single.

Take a look at the “Numb” visual below.


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