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The Best Of The Bronx: Kiante Robinson

Rising out of the streets of South Bronx is Kiante Robinson with his conscious raps and melodic beats. Having multiple songs with millions of streams on a variety of musical platforms, his precise lyricism reaches the ears and hearts of people all over the world especially those from his hometown.

Kiante is headed to the top and there’s no stopping! Last week, the New York rhymer sat with News 12 The Bronx for an interview to talk his career, what it’s like growing in his borough and more.

I’ve always been writing music, short stories, poems. That’s what I like to do. I’m a writer, born-writer, so I just figured one day I’d find a beat and go with it. Like I fell in love with a beat and the rest is history,” says Robinson

Not only is his a born star, he has high expectations with gold standards as he co owns a record label called, Gold Expectations. He decided to get start a label to show others that it’s possible to do their own thing and be able to own a big company opposed to being apart of one.

While on the topic of inspiration he talks what inspires his songs and mentions that it doesn’t always come from personal experiences. In some cases the music is influenced by others and what they are going through. He creates songs that resonate with the masses. This assures that the music is relatable and touches not only himself but his fans. For instance barriers, we all can relate to barriers.

Kiante says being raised on public assistance in the Bronx and getting over that, was a huge barrier to breakthrough particularly coming out of the Bronx.

Robinson continues: “Real life happens while you’re trying to pursue what you want to do, especially in a place like this.”

No matter how big the barrier or how large the following, one thing that isn’t going to change for the South Bronx native is who he is. He says staying true to himself is non-negotiable no matter how famous he gets.

Right now, I’m just more focused on becoming successful, keeping my morals and principles intact, just staying, you know, like wholesome.”

Check out the clip below:


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