Monday, September 25, 2023
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Cliff Vmir Is Dominating The Industry! Check Out Episode 6 Of BET’s ‘Wig Out’

Groundbreaking hairstylist Cliff Vmir is taking the beauty industry by storm with his million dollar empire Hym Hair. From growing up playing with barbie dolls to becoming a young entrepreneur and earning his first million dollars at the age of 19, you can say Cliff Vmir is well on his way to leaving his imprint as an icon. Cliff is dominating the industry! He has a following of over 700k followers with a star-studded resume to match and counts celebrities such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Joseline Hernandez, Trina, Spice, Lil’ Mo and More.

Hair is not the only industry Cliff is conquering, he’s stepping into the music game with his rapping with the intention of not going anywhere and he makes that very clear on this week’s episode of Wig Out on BET.

On this week’s episode of Wig Out, Marlo Hampton is Cliff Vmir’s celebrity client. Kicking off with VMIR Doll and Cliff’s Assistant, Nkenge, opening up the shop and discussing her responsibilities for the day. When Cliff arrives, he shares his love of the salon’s pink walls, glass accents and warm atmosphere. He and Nkenge discuss Marlo’s favorite wine to assure she is comfortable and completely satisfied with the appearance. In his confessional, he explains that he typically visits clients at their house so this is a new opportunity which he’s excited for.

Ny, his former assistant, is also in attendance to add another set of hands to the session. Marlo is set to get a quick frontal install which Ny is responsible for dying and washing the bundles. However, when it’s time for inspection, Cliff is unhappy with the incomplete process commenting on the fact Ny didn’t do a shampoo or conditioner rinse to assure all of the dye was out until the the water ran clear.

Marlo arrives after Ny completes the task so Cliff sets to his three to four hour task. The two speak about his passion for rapping and how it’s evenly balanced with his passion for hair. Cliff reflects on last week’s episode and tells her about his being in the studio with Lil Mo and promises to drop a bar about Marlo in his next track. Cliff speaks on his upcoming mixer that will feature not only a DJ and his music but also a Pink City performance.
Once Cliff was complete, he turns around Marlo’s chair to show a gorgeous install that looks as natural as it does fabulous. The Real Housewife of Atlanta stands to show off her celebration with a drop down in her red bottom Louboutins. Yes sis we are here for the slay as well! Make sure to stay tuned for BET’s Wig Out each and every Sunday at 6PM.


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