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Blac Chyna Has A Falling Out With Kid Buu On Her Baecation While Rob Is Angered By Blac Chyna During His Staycaetion

Yikes! It appears that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are beefing once again. For the umpteenth time, Rob and Blac Chyna’s co-parenting relationship is the topic of trending news. Rob has a staycation this weekend while Blac Chyna enjoyed some loving on her baecation with Kid Buu.  

Over the weekend, Rob went to drop Dream off to Chyna but was puzzled after not being able to get in contact with Chyna or the nanny! He was extremely upset because he claims Chyna booked an unexpected trip to Hawaii without informing anyone, let alone Rob. Sources also say there was at least one of her nannies at her Los Angeles home throughout the weekend and that Rob didn’t try reaching out the way he claims. She goes on to say:

“If Rob would’ve just texted or gone there and knocked on the door, he could’ve left Dream with one of the nannies. Something he’s done before.”

Nannies usually handle the exchange of Dream between Rob and Chyna because they are not the best of friends at the moment. Chyna says that they have had that arrangement previously when Chyna is out of town and that nowhere in their custody agreement states that she has to be there at all times when it’s her time to care for Dream, considering she’s a working mother.

Although Rob is claiming that he tried to contact the nannies and Chyna numerous times, sources in Chyna’s camp are calling him out. Blac Chyna and sources close to her camp think Rob is jealous and just mad that she has a new man, even though there are speculations that Rob is seeing her rival and Love & Hip-Hop New York reality star, Alexis Skyy.

To add fuel to the fire, it seems as though Chyna and Buu’s relationship is down and over with after news broke that cops rushed to the Four Seasons Hotel in Honolulu, Monday after a physical altercation broke out between the two. Reports say the fight broke out after Blac Chyna accused Kid Buu of cheating and resulted in Chyna scratching his face and him pushing her against a wall and choking her. So all while Rob was trying to drop off Baby Dream which led to more fighting between the co parents, Blac Chyna was in Hawaii dealing with another fight, at the hands of her former “Buu.”

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