Boogie is back with another new single off his debut album “Everything’s For Sale”. Yhis time, he teams up with Eminem for a collaborative cut titled “Rainy Days.” “Everything for Sale” is available to stream or buy now. His first release since signing to Shady Records in late 2017 — features 13 tracks in all, including additional collaborations with 6lack, J.I.D. and more artists.

“Word to the feelings I channel, I lose ‘em as quick as a f*ckin’ remote / Don’t be callin’ me woke,” Boogie raps. “I cheat on my queen for a hoe / That’s how shit go, she keep sayin’ we chill / She gon’ come out her shell / Ain’t no pushin’ my buttons when all of my feelings is stuck on a wheel.” – Boogie

Listen to “Rainy Days” below.