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Kylie Jenner Teases Rumors About Secret Marriage To Travis Scott

In recent months Kylie Jenner has sparked rumors and questions from fans about her and Travis Scott’s marital status. Since, the entertainment world is wondering if Stormi’s parents secretly tied the knot. Rumors first sparked when she would refer to him as “hubby” throughout her social media, then was spotted rocking what seems to be a huge diamond engagement ring on her left hand, and now Kylie has fueled speculation again. Last night (January 22nd), Kylie took to her instagram to post a series of images from a recent photo shoot and to showcase her Spanish.

The first snapshots were captionless, however, the third photo was romanticized with a Spanish caption. The caption read, “Extraño a mi esposo,” which translates to “I miss my husband.” Which means the makeup mogul has once again hinted that her and rapper boyfriend Travis might have taken the next step and have secretly said ‘I do.’ Because of this, fans all over have flooded social media timelines demanding answers!

It could just be Kylie trolling and that’s her nickname for Travis since he titles her “wifey” or the two could’ve really gotten married. Sources close to the couple have mentioned the two have thought about marriage and plan on getting married “soon” but that Kylie is taking precaution due to watching her sister’s past failed relationships. Travis also told Rolling Stone Magazine that he plans to propose and marry the mother of his daughter, Stormi but he has to sturdy up and propose in the most fire way!

Who knows though, considering that both Kylie and Travis kept Kylie’s pregnancy and the arrival of baby Stormi a secret. It wouldn’t be a surprise for them to have secretly gotten engaged – or even married…

Do you think the two secretly got hitched?!

Check out Kylie’s Instagram post below.


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