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‘Run The Jewels 4’ Is Dropping In 2019

El-P and Killer Mike released their album Run The Jewels 3 in 2016. Last year the duo teased fans by announcing that they had plans for their next album Run The Jewels 4. Since then both have been busy with other projects. Unfortunately. El-P took to Twitter to reveal that RTJ 4 is still a work in progress.

“i know a lot of you are hoping we drop rtj4 this year so it’s only right i let you know clearly: we are not,” he explained on Twitter. “we just got off tour like 5 months ago. i scored a film and got married. we started and are working on it but it’s not even close to done. i tell you because i love you.” – El- P

The rapper/producer put a post on Instagram writing that they’re currently in the studio working on the record with hopes to release it in 2019. He also assured fans that this is not a delay and that they are excited to work on new music.


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