Saturday, March 25, 2023
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J Cole And J.I.D. Snap On “Off Deez”

Atlanta emcee and Dreamville artist J.I.D absolutely spazzes on “Off Deez” featuring none other than J Cole himself.

If you talking that sh*t, n*gga, stop it
I’m a God, I’m a king, I’m a giant
N*gga not trying, come to my side
Eastside guy, better been mumbai
D.I.Y, T.I.Y, I’ma try, I’ma die for what I believe in
We like to feast and I try to eat, edible meat
I am not an animal, a beast
Riding with the hammer on the seat
Shotgun, shotgun, hand on my heat
Bad man, bad man, land of my freed
Young n*gga get life, let the white folks be – J.I.D.

J Cole couldn’t just let his Dreamville signee out rap him on this fast-paced beat.

Pickin’ on a n*gga way bigger than I got
Bigger than the n*gga that was Kindergarten cop
Terminator shit, I’m a robot
With the chrome .45 that most don’t got
One false move, get the motherfuckers shot
Turn a n*gga wet, so photo op
Click, click, click and the flows don’t stop
‘Til I got more cream than Cold Stone got
Like a boatload, n*gga I’ma float on top – Cole

After dropping “151 Rum” and “Working Out” in the past few weeks, J.I.D is gearing up to unleash DiCaprio 2. The project, which will be J.I.D’s second studio album, is expected to be released later this month on Nov. 26. “Off Deez” will be included on the forthcoming album. For now, listen to the Dreamville emcee’s completely destroy the beat on “Off Deez” below.


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