Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Maxwell Releases His Latest Video “Smash”

Maxwell’s new video “Shame” directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, shows the legendary lying in pain. From the first single for his upcoming album NIGHT, the visual opens with three veiled figures who appear around New York City as Maxwell pours his heart out.

“Lay all night/all day//lay here with me/lay here with me/shamelessly”

Maxwell spoke to Billboard about the video and what it means.

“I just feel that the veils represent the shame that I think a lot of black women feel about their beauty — about their features and about their place in society. So I think the veils play a pretty big role with that.”

“I just wanted all people who feel that they’re veiled in some sort of shame or veiled in some sort of compartmentalized experience to unveil themselves and to let their face be known and let their stories be known. And that’s kind of what the video is about”


Watch Maxwell’s video below.


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