Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Listen To Dave East Bring The Bars On His “Yes Indeed Remix”

Harlem emcee Dave East put his touch on Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed” that includes a few shots. It’s not clear who from his early life he’s sending shots to but they should definitely know.

My nigga, I’m plottin’ to get rid of you
Was missin’ my man, he fresh out, he just did a bid or two
I knew this nigga since middle school
I talked about him when I did my interviews
I can’t wait for you to start, we gon finish you
Glock was a .40, the vodka was Pinnacle
Sayin’ we cousins, I never was friends with you

East has previously jumped on some of the hardest beats in the game such as The Weeknd’s “Party Monster,” Drake’s “Free Smoke,” and more. Listen to his take on “Yes Indeed” below.



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