Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Tax Free Entertainment Presents @TheDukeTFE New Single “Wonder Why”

Presents The Duke Gutta’s New Single:

“Wonder Why”


The Duke Gutta and Tax Free Entertainment present “Wonder Why” featuring Z RO off his upcoming project Plug Or No Plug.

Wonder Why” is a socially conscious anthem that explores the impact of violence in Houston and really provides an introspective listen into the psychology of dealing with inner-city issues.

Although the theme of the record may be a dark and disheartening, it is backed by a feel-good melodic chorus that gives a sense of triumph, The Duke Gutta is definitely trying to rise above the madness.

This single is also backed by a visual from Dang Films who captures the energy of the record and the essence of the city, he even includes cameo’s from local Houston business owners to give that sense of community and comradery.

Check out “Wonder Why” above and look out for Plug Or No Plug coming soon.

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