Kilo Santana is the newest signee to Str8Lace Ent.

Santana Story

A label that is known for being rooted in Royalty.

He’s definitely on the verge of surpassing his peers.

Kilo manages to set himself apart from many in a city overflowing with talent.

Kilo is the type of entertainer who refuses to be cemented in the burrows of the Houston Hip-Hop circa.

Not one to be satisfied with the realms of the underground, he’s set out to break the mold and redefine stereotypes.

As of late, Houston’s hip-hop audience has become more receptive to both a different look, and sound.

The new wave of rappers seem to be less aided by their OG’s but that isn’t halting their movements.

Every lyricist has had their turn to claim their right to be the pinnacle of rap.

Kilo Santana is proof that now is the time to show and prove.

Check out his latest project “Santana Story” on all digital platforms.

Make sure to download this one right here.