Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Kid Evo – “Goodbye Liana” & “All in the Way”

Houston’s Kid Evo has had a lot on his mind, a whole album’s worth as it turns out and recently it premiered on HipHopSince1987, along with a brand new video for “All In The Way.” The album, “Goodbye Liana” is a more intimate project for Evo but it’s not 100% in the feels. “Spent countless hours in the studio and I’m happy with the way this project came out.” He explains. “I opened up more than usual and told some personal stories on this one and still managed to squeeze in a few fun records just because I don’t like being put in a box.” From the responses on his socials since the release, the fans are eating up Evo’s expose.

“All in the Way”, Evo’s latest visual from “Goodbye Liana”, is a perfect example of his opening up. We’ve all had that naysayer in our lives that sh*t on our dreams and were never there when we struggled but came around fast once we started getting a taste of success.

Overall, “Goodbye Liana” is a terrific project to add to your ‘hate my Ex’ playlist or just for when you feel like listening to some real life sh*t. A little rap, a little R&B, terrific production and vocals. Definitely a two thumbs up.

Socials: @ThatKidEvo


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