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Boxer Yahu Blackwell Set to Debut New Bankroll Fresh Music Via Boxing Game App ‘The Peoples Champ”

Fans of Bankroll Fresh’s music are in for a surprise

As it was recently announced that the late rapper’s music will be infused into a new boxing game called ‘The People’s Champ.’

Pioneered by the late great’s label.

Street Money Worldwide and boxer Yahu Blackwell, the game looks to bring fans closer to the game of boxing.

Bred in some of the roughest streets in America and scarred by a father who succumbed to drug addiction, boxer Yahu Blackwell has literally battled against the odds to make it to where he is today.

Fighting his way through a 156 -28 amateur record.

Yahu Blackwell has since gone pro and made great strides doing so as seen in his last fight versus Alvaro Vasquez.

“I been putting them, boys, down,” Yahu explained.

“My last fight was April 6th when I fought Alvaro Vasquez and I knocked him out in the first round.

He was tougher than I expected and everyone you have to fight differently.

But I was confident during that fight and I think I proved that.

Coming full circle, Yahu is close to the world of Hip-Hop and will be instrumental in the promotion of Bankroll Fresh’s posthumous album.

In addition to training and entering the ring to Bankroll’s music.

He has officially been commissioned at Street Money Worldwide’s official ambassador.

To wearing Bankroll’s merchandise and representing Street Money Worldwide.

Yahu is stepping out with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Releasing an app that features all new music from the late-Bankroll Fresh.

“Bankrolls music is dope and when I first started listening to him it was very easy to connect with him.

I’ve been training to his music.

I’m to put together a lil training video to his music too,” he said.

The People’s Champ is set to bring casual fans back to boxing as the game puts players in the ring.

With easy to use gameplay features for a thrilling boxing experience where players can fight in either amateur or professional mode.

Virtual fighters have the opportunity to develop, show off their skills and to become The People’s Champ.

 15-0 in the International Boxing League (IBL).
Yahu has boxed in Spain, Great Britain, and other countries, and has trained with Roger Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather Sr., and Freddy Roach.

Finding his way in the new world combat fighting with MMA, UFC and other popular forms of fighting.

Yahu is happy that he is growing up in this era of boxing.

Where he can be a businessman and a boxer to feed his family.

“I think that boxing is different from how it was back in the day.

It was more about glory and honor and all that great stuff back in the day.

Now fighters are more businessmen than anything.

I think that it’s a good thing because a lot of the legendary fighters retired but didn’t have anything to show for it.

Now fighters are better able to feed their families.”

The game is set to launch before the close of 2017.

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