Monday, September 25, 2023
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Vain -7th Chamber



In VAIN’s 7th Chamber Freestyle, which he does over Wutang Clan’s Classic Beat, VAIN demonstrates his exceptional Freestyle Skills while simultaneously exercising his acting chops.

     VAIN pays tribute to the late great Randy “Macho Man” Savage/R.I.P. as he resurrects him in the character of Admiral VAIN Vicious. They’re like brother’s from another mother! 

   Welcome to the WRF/World

Rap Federation as V.A.I.N. stays true to his name and shows all Wack Rappers that his Verbal Assault Is Nasty!  

   VAIN became infamous for his Freestyle Skills when his Monster Bars Video Series with St. Laz  started spreading across the internet. It shot like a bullet when Monster Bars 3rd Edition featured G Units own Tony Yayo and appeared on the front page of Thisis50 and was also featured here on Worldstarhiphop. 

     VAIN was then invited to showcase his Freestyle Skills live on DJ Funkmaster Flex’s Franchise TV and on DJ Self’s Power 105.

    Make sure you check out some of VAIN’s other recent videos, on his Social  Media sites, “Hello,” is that Hustle and Flow video, “Ain’t No Nigga Like Me,” video is every man’s 

Street Anthem and the “I’m Gone,” video takes you on a trip as it puts a spin on the Cult Classic Movie, “Friday.” 


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