Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Ruff Ryders presents Lil Waah , 20 year legacy continues !

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DMX, Eve, Swiss, the roster of stars continues! These are legends that have been a staple in Hip-Hop, molding the format of music we listen and enjoy today. Ruff Ryders are back and adding to their 20 year legacy with a new generation of artists.

14 year old son of the CEO for Ruff Ryder’s, is jumping into the hip-hop game in a big way. With the release of his new video for single “Dab N Dip”, Lil Waah is guaranteed to be summer seventeen’s new dance crave. This past weekend Lil Waah blessed the stage of the iconic Sounds of Brazil in NY for the pre-party and 20 year anniversary of the Ruff Ryders record label. This artist made his presence known on stage, taking the energy in the venue from 0 to 100 real quick! Not new to the game Lil Waah has been involved with music since four years old and has been a student of the game to many hip-hop legends including his first cousin Swizz Beats. He will be performing his single “Dab N Dip” during the Ruff Ryder’s Reunion Tour.

You can follow Lil Waah on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @lilwaahrr .

Check out Lil Waah’s video for Dab N Dip on Youtube !

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