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Review: Angelica Vila – 1998 (EP)

1998 is considered for many to be one of the golden era of Rhyme and Blues. The classic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out that year. Hits on the Billboard 100 included The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica, Too Close by Next, and The One I Gave My Heart To by Legendary Aaliyah. Angelica Vila’s EP 1998 encapsulates the R&B genre with a 21st century twist.

1998 is a ride on an emotional rollercoaster that we go through dealing with our significant other. Throughout the EP, Angelica feels a variety of conflicted emotions from beginning to end.

The artist starts off by capturing the foundation stages of a “situationship” in Closer and You. Closer is a battle between what she is feeling and the hesitation of her love interest. You can feel her struggle in the song, showing the intrigue she feels for this new love, while his distancing confuses her. In this song Angelica demonstrates her vocal register, creating different melodious tones.

You is the honeymoon phase because it emblems those childlike butterflies that you feel crushing on someone. Angelica is letting her love know she has eyes for him only. This track has an assimilated Latin flare that gives the song an exciting energy.

The honeymoon stage is over now! Angelica becomes fed up with this new love interest in Fuck Love and Beautiful Liar. In Fuck Love, Vila expresses she doesn’t need this guy, so this is his last straw to get it together. The track has an exotic sound created by Asian inspired instruments and background sampling.

Beautiful Liar starts with a faint drum pattern producing an edgy and dangerous effect. The melody and the lyrics coincide well together. Her love interest is dangerous too, a bad boy. She even refers to him as fire. Vila knows at this point of the relationship this guy is no good. It is her infatuation with him that creates a battle with her instinct to leave him. We have all been there and done that.

The concluding track called Paradise shows her mentally letting go of the negative individual. GOOD VIBES ONLY! She ends the EP in a different mindset than the beginning. The vibe is lighthearted and her lyrical content comes off free spirited. That’s normally what happens post break-up.

Angelica Vila shows off her vocal ability in 1998. This EP is a love serenade; I would call it a relationship timeline.  This EP is relatable, consistent, and enticing for all audiences. You can hear more from Angelica Vila on Soundcloud, Itunes, and Instagram. Thumbs up Angelica!

Jessica Greer
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