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Review: ISSA-Rebirth

Issa’s Rocks the Mic for the Rebirth of Rap

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M., Get the money!  If you are a fan of 90’s influenced music, Issa’s Rebirth mixtape should be considered for your personal playlist. Atlanta rapper Issa has produced a variety of music to almost every legendary hit in 90’s hip-hop music. Rebirth includes samples from iconic artist like Nas, Lauryn Hill, to Pete Rock and Wu-tang Clan.

Shook Ones and C.R.E.A.M. highlight ISSA’s skill level as an MC. You get that traditional “hardcore-rap” vibe from the tracks. Personally, I get imagery of Issa in the movie 8 Mile, battle-rapping at The Shelter.  Issa shows off his talent as an artist, spitting punchlines, letting his listeners know he is a student of the rap game and not rapping for fame.

Issa expresses consciousness in tracks like Dead Presidents and ChangesDead Presidents, the sample originally used from classic by Jay-Z, discusses the black community. He speaks on populated prisons and how the government, over the years has oppressed the black society. He even referenced the controversy around the terminology “Super Predators”. “Now they call us super predators, I turn on the news, they edit it, make it look like we some ignorant fools.” There are so many hidden gems lyrically, shedding light on politics and society in America.

Reminisce, Kick Push, and Isa (Zion’s Remix) style of rhyming are recited in a more storytelling form, reflecting on his childhood or early stages as a rapper. In Isa (Zion’s Remix) Issa re-stimulates the vulnerable and fulfilled energy in the original track Zion by Lauryn Hill. This song commentates Issa’s life during the pregnancy and birth of his daughter.

Rebirth expresses a range of creative topics, in Issa’s own original style emulating a rebirth and unique spin on hip-hop classics. Whether you are a fan of music that narrates, is politically conscious, or just a mixture of freestyling bars this mixtape has it all! You can check out Rebirth online on Spinrella and Audiomack. Also, be sure to check out the artist behind the music Issa, on Soundcloud, Instagram and!

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