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Review: “NATURAL” EP – Carter Brown

Upcoming hip-hop artist Carter Brown, no relation to Chris Brown, is taking the music scene by storm with his latest EP titled Natural.

Carter Brown’s project includes a mixture of rapping bars in a melodic way, but it is clear his lane is as a Rhyme and Blues artist. Brown is unique for his consistent style of using harmonious melodies in each track creating easy-listening music. However, each track has a different style attached to it. The messaging of the EP in entirety focuses on his feelings for his woman. Whether the song explains that he needs to hurry over to his lady in the track Pronto, or her natural beauty without make up being equivalent to a peace of Heaven in the track Paradise. It is safe to say Carter Brown is the romancer type.

He also contributed songs on the EP about partying and having a good time. When listening to the song Cocaine, I get a vivid imagery of the funk disco 80s era. I can picture Rick James dancing with the Mary Jane Girls on the disco floor! The artist compares being high on a drug to his good night out with his woman. In the hook Carter referred to his lady’s love as the same feeling of Purple Rain, references to the 1984 hit Purple Rain by legendary artist Prince. The many metaphors throughout the song plays on the title of the track, while still creating that same disco theme for the song.

Carter Brown ‘s reoccurring featured artist is talent Zeus Anderson, who is also a producer on some of the EP.  Another producer on this project is Carter himself, and Adrian Lau. You can catch some more music from Carter Brown on his sound cloud. Be sure to check out his newly released EP Natural.


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