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Event Recap: Audubon- NYC Exile Listening Event

Audubon, the name stemming from the known Avenue in Washington heights. That is exactly what MC Audubon represents, he screams Washington heights. The Dominican rapper put on for his city last night at his listening party held at the Engine Room in Manhattan, NY. 

Entering the studio, you could easily point out the savvy artist, with his humble and placid energy. However, Audubon’s music was the real star of the show, giving me an instant L.A. house party ‘henny and chill’ type of vibe! He creates kick-back music, while stimulating your thoughts. Something the music game has finally been leading back to, lyricism. Audubon showcased his latest single Nothing Like Them and other tracks from his upcoming album Exile, that is scheduled to be released December 7th.

Audubon’s sound would be included in the Cloud Rap category, because of the dream-like aesthetic feel created by the tune. Even the visuals recently released for single Nothing Like Them has a psychedelic energy to it. Make sure to check him out!


For more music on Audubon you can check him out on Instagram @audubon_ , his youtube page Audubonave , and also his SoundCloud Audubon .

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