Monday, June 5, 2023
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Quaine Beats f/ Slaine “Be Like Me”

Born in Trenton, NJ and currently residing in Worcester, MA, Quaine Beats is one of the hardest working producers in the industry; and his future is extremely bright. Quaine is proud to present his new EP, No Yes Men, which includes features from Slaine, REKS, Louie Gonz, Scrapa , and CO-DE.

People think the life of others they look up to is easy. They don’t see the hard work and the time away from family that makes the great ones great. They just see the end result. “You want to be like me”? Well let me show you what being like me really entails. “Be Like Me” takes the listener on an unfiltered ride showing what it really takes to be great.

Listen to Quaine Beats’ “Be Like Me” featuring Slaine, Louie Gonz & Scrapa:

Purchase Quaine Beats No Yes Men EP at iTunes:

Purchase Quaine Beats “Be Like Me” at iTunes:

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