Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Battle Rap Review: Xcel vs. LOSO (Bullpen Battle League)

I am always more excited for the new talent in the battle culture because I feel like alot of the top tiers are not as hungry anymore and there aren’t any exciting matchups.  I was thoroughly impressed with the battle between Xcel vs. LOSO held on John John Da Don’s platform Bullpen Battle League.

First Round was a great round from both emcees, but  I feel like LOSO had the better first round overall.  

Quotable line Xcel: “This a real fight, get close I’m stabbing LOSO, I drag em, mop the floor with this nigga “Fabuloso”.

Quotable line LOSO: “Boy ima come for you, comfortable, trouble who, hustle you.  I’ll always be ahead of “X” yall see why I’m “W”.

Second Round was even better than the first, but this round goes to LOSO as well.

Quotable line Xcel: “I got a loud ratchet in the front, you can’t rebuttal. Think Adam & Eve, if you see me come to buck you, cuz son gonna need a Cain after the first fucking couple.”

Quotable line LOSO: “Sweve Sevah needed to recruit you in team homi, only person I know who need “X” to bang is Bill Cosby”.

Third Round was crazy.  Xcel’s breakdown was crazy, real and gave him this round.

Quotable line Xcel: “I can’t say he aint squeeze the thang, because Christians been killing niggaz forever in Jesus name”.

Quotable line LOSO: “I be outrhyming these bomb threats, the next time you put my name next to “X”, I better be signing a contract”.


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