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Event Recap: Core XXV Conference in New York City


Saturday 11/7/15 – The Programmers Panel – The Empire Hotel (Hosted By: Tony Neal)

Walking down Broadway we could see the Empire Hotel from quite the distance. As we turned down West 63rd Street our team could feel the excitement for the undeniable and beneficial experience that comes with the “Core” tradition. There was also a feeling of excitement to attend Core XXV for this was the first Core DJ conference in NYC!

Tony Neal (Core Dj’s CEO/Founder) was in the lobby coincidentally. Tony then graciously welcomed our team. We showed identification to the professional staff and on the elevator we went. Our camera team was adjusting their cameras and installing lenses. By the time we arrived to the top floor all you see is an industry crowd with multiple flashes going off. If you add up all of the followers this room had in terms of social networking together the sum would be millions. We even ran into one of the dopest female MC’s from Miami, @MiamiTip who posed for us. The bar was active with the atmosphere being network friendly. The décor of the place was designed well. This is expected when you know the platform supporting the Core XXV event is taking their vision seriously.

At 6pm the Programmers Panel started to kick knowledge of how to get your song played on the radios. This list included well respected names like Jill Estrada, DJ SupaJames, Reggie Hawkins and Neek. “How to get my record spun on the radio?” is by far the most asked question by music artists. The Panel that was present spent a large amount of time going over scenarios, methods and personal experiences. Our team personally lost count of how many gems that where being dropped. I even caught myself going to my phone to write down notes for affiliates that couldn’t make this part of the conference.

Overall an excellent experience attending the programmers Panel located at the Empire Hotel. See pictures below.  Photos by: @jayprob @3rdeyephotographi

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