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Exclusive Interview: Justus

We pride ourselves on becoming familiar with talent in the early stages WAY before the world gets to hear new talent.  We got a chance to sit down with one of the dopest up & coming artist JUSTUS for an exclusive Q & A with hip hop dose.

HHD: Where were you born?

JUSTUS: Long Island, NY

HHD: Where do you reside?

JUSTUS: Long Island, NY

 HHD: What is your nationality?

JUSTUS: American. My race/ethnicity is Dutch, Hungarian, Irish, German, African American, and Cherokee Native American

 HHD: How long have you been doing music?

JUSTUS: I have been making music since 2009.

 HHD: What inspired you to want to get involved in the music business?

JUSTUS: I always liked music when I was younger, especially hiphop. My dad got me into HipHop, the first CD he got me was The Black Album by Jay-Z. My older brother was the one who inspired me to start creating my own music. He was a writer and had began producing on Reason and helped me get my own studio setup. I worked off of the desktop in my living room with the monitors that came with the computer and a midi keyboard and started producing on Reason in 2009. From there I began writing to the instrumentals I made and remixing songs I found online. So my brother was definitely a big influence and inspiration in why and how I got involved in the music industry.


HHD: If we were to open a playlist of your favorite music, which artist would we find in your playlist?

JUSTUS: Rae Sremmurd, Drake, J.Cole, D.R.A.M, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Moods, and a lot of other artists.

HHD: What are projects are you currently working on?

JUSTUS: I released a mixtape in April 2015 called “Any Given Sunday”. It is an all original mixtape produced by Kavar and myself. I am currently working on getting a new body of work together but recently I have been focusing on putting out singles on new music I am creating.

HHD: From the success you have had thus far, what advice can you offer to artist looking to get into this business?

JUSUS: To any artist looking to get into the business just know that for many people it does not happen overnight. Especially if you’re new to music and just getting started, you could be making songs for 2,3, or 4 years and still not blow up. Patience is definitely key and focusing on developing your own unique sound and making the best music you possibly can are the keys I feel. Also you will have to invest in yourself. If someday you want to make money from your music it will be very hard to do that if you haven’t put any money into your own music. Make sure you have a love for music too.

HHD: Where can people connect with you (socially, shows, music links, etc.)?


HHD: Any last words, shout outs, etc?

JUSTUS: Less Talk, More Music #GR8

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